ESPERANZA, The school of entrepreneurship and prosperity is the only entrepreneurship school in West and Central Africa. That makes it very unique. Its uniqueness brought a very  holistic approach of learning called: « Learning by doing ». We at ESPERANZA, are proud to say that we provide our students with over 60% practice and under 40% theory.

Also, come and study in Benin Republic give the student the opportunity to be bilingual and expand his/her mind toward a brand new diversity of culture.With the new convention signed on 14th of April 2014 the Hanze University of Applied Science in the Netherlands,  we  will make sure our exchange program is running as smooth as possible.

At the end, ESPERANZA ally the experience of the best entrepreneurs of the country while building a bridge between the student entrepreneurs and the reality of the real world.

Welcome to the revolution, welcome to ESPERANZA and start inventing your future right now!


The school of Entrepreneurship and Prosperity, Esperanza wishes to be a hub and a first class educational institution, an international scale relying on a public and private partnership dedicated to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Loyalty : We believe that loyalty to our stakeholders helps us to achieve our goal.

Integrity : We believe that being honest and faithful is the key of success and excellence.

Action-oriented : We believe that being more creative and taking practical actions to deal with challenges must always be our motto.


Outstanding professional staff ready to serve.
Full professors and qualified teachers in management and entrepreneurship, senior business consultants in vocational training able to provide a highly practical and pragmatic training content.
Classrooms equipped with audio-visual equipment


“ NO university outside Nigeria is accredited by The Nigerian Governement, please refer to the website of the National University Commission of the Federal Government of Nigeria ( NUC ) http://www.nuc.edu.ng/pages/pages.asp?id=27. Thus; we are recognised by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Our degrees are co-signed by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research of Benin.
ESPERANZA is the 17th private University to enter the circle of the only 30 private universities fully recognised by the Federal Government of Nigeria

For more information our accreditation decrees certified by the ministry of higher education are available on the website of Nigeria embassy in benin republic nigerianembassybenin.org.

We wish then to guarantee NYSC for all our foreign Nigerian students