SECRETS OF PROSPERITY (Secrets de Prospérité)

4610460960The first program on national TV on Entrepreneurship, It  has got the best audience in Benin.

Among all the tremendous personalities invited to the show such as former Minister of Employment Reckya Madougou, Former Representative of the World Bank in Benin, Mr Joseph Baah-Dwomoh, Former Ambassdor of France Mr Hervé Besancenot, Mrs edith Gazana Former Representative of UNDP in Benin Republic, CEOs and many others.

The last guest on the program was the Ambassador of China in Benin honourable Tao Weiguang.  It is compulsory for student to attend the recording of the programme.

This programme is broadcasted since 2007 on ORTB (National Benin Republic Television) and recently on a private TV Canal 3.

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4610477465_392x237It is the practice of creating and operating a business by students. Mini- Company has inspired the creation of the school to the university absorbs the realities of business .

For 26 weeks during the academic year , students, with the support of their teachers and business advisors come together to create and manage a real business they are major shareholders .

With a team led by their CEOs assisted production managers , marketing , finance and quality , students organize their boards, make the choice of a product , do their market research, produce , sell , organize fairs, run their businesses and distribute dividends when firms are profitable.

At the end of the year, at the close of business , a Mini- company competition is organized to distinguish the best entrepreneurs and executives who benefit from price usually in the form of work placements and study visits to the abroad.

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4610476188_395x183Happens 4 times every year.

It is a campaign of family planning across the countryside.

The University is partnering with UNFPA,IPPF, ABMS PSI. and the ministry of health of Benin.

This is a massive programme.

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The annual meeting between policy makers, employers and students during which future graduates exchange with their future employers to enable organizations to detect talent at school for future recruitments within their companies.

Mini job fairs assorted conferences and workshops Forum Talent is open to the public and other students..


This program was created in 2005 as part of benevolent activities of the Founder of ESPERANZA at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin.

From 2005 up to 2008, more than 20 CEO’s and ambassadors delivered prestigious conferences on the business climate at the chamber of commerce and industry of Benin.

This activity was transferred to ESPERANZA to enhance entrepreneurial education.

Tremendous leaders including the prime minister of Benin Pascal Irené Koupaki, and the actual CEO of MTN Bénin came to share their experiences with the Youth.

The concept is simple. An entrepreneur comes to University on a Thursday afternoon and talk about his/her success stories and personal challenges while starting his/her new venture. We have 10 enterprise’s thursday a year.


They consist of meetings of students with business leaders on their sites.


This is also part of our programme because we believe that getting out of the city is a good way to stress out.

It is also an opportunity to discover the country and see what is going on around us because we may have the chance to live with all comfortable means in cities but on the other side they are people really in need  somewhere else.

ESPERANZA organizes these trips on behalf of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities.